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Wer oder was ist PIT GREEN? Was kann ich mit ihm machen, wer hat ihn erfunden und aus welchem Material besteht er eigentlich? Der exklusive Design Golfer kommuniziert die Popularität des Golfsportes auch außerhalb von Fairway, Green und Driving Range und antwortet so auf sympathische Weise auf den enormen Golfboom in Deutschland. Mit seinen 11,23 cm ist er zwar deutlich kleiner als Tiger Woods, aber bezüglich Schlagkraft, Präzision und Taktik steht er dem Golfprofi in nichts nach: Am Abschlag steht PIT GREEN, der erste manuelle Micro Golfer der Welt! Der moderne Verwandte des Tip-Kick-Fussballers eröffnet Golfern und Nicht-Golfern eine neue Dimension des edlen Sports. Mehr Informationen findest du auf unserer Website.
Who is PIT GREEN? How to play, who invented him and what material is he made of? Measuring in at about 12cm he is definitely smaller than Tiger Woods, but concerning the power of impact, precision and tactical possibilities, he catches up to the pro golfer. Now at the tee stands PIT GREEN, the world's first playable Micro Golfer! This modern relative of the 'TIPP-KICK Soccer' opens for golfers and non-golfers a new perspective on the noble sport. No matter where - in the office, on the coffee table or at the bar; by yourself or in a tournament - PIT GREEN functions everywhere, and lets you release your passion for golf and design in many ways. Patented technical know-how, the right materials, and an aesthetic design are combined to give PIT GREEN an appeal of beauty, and a passion for the sport of golf. It will come as no surprise that the interactive concept behind the PIT GREEN has won the special prize of "Innovations in Sports Gear" at the Nike Play Awards 2004 and that the ready to play product was also recently awarded the DDC Award "Good Product" 2005. A precision instrument in every regard. More Information you can find on our Website.

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