colander table

colander table

[d³] professionals / 2011

Daniel Rohr is showing the aluminium table Colander produced in a limited edition. The bowl-like form with the 909 holes, is an experiment to delete space and material. All objects that are standing on the table glass plate seem to float. Info production loop: The table colander is produced in a cnc milling process. Starting with a piece of aluminium with the weight of 408 kg - 899 lb for the table plate and 1 massive round aluminium bar for the 4 legs. The complete time line for producing one table from the first milling to the final mirror polishing took round 4 weeks. Limited edition of 8 pieces + 2 prototypes + 2 artist’s poofs Size: 160x95cm - 72cm high Material: aluminium cnc milled and mirror polished by hand - table plate glass colander production video www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJsPsDcnICs D3 Professionals - IMM Köln 2011 - Halle 3.2 Stand E 020

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