Laetitia Florin

Bidum was my graduation project at ECAL, Switzerland. My research started with the observation of lines and grids, their interaction and the resulting illusions. I was interested in the way it moved and interfered with the surroundings. It is a dynamic object. A fascinating container that can be used for anything, You define what it contains ! Bidum isn’t a still object forgotten down somewhere, but a living object, that moves and bounces without tumbling or wrinkling when you touch it, and even with the slightest breeze when you walk next to it. Feel the way it bounces, turn around it and watch the lines interfere with each other. Movement is what makes Bidum beautiful and fascinating. Spring steel wrapped in fabric. Graduation work at ECAL, 2010 credits: ECAL/Laetitia Florin


[d³] contest / 2011